specialized in textile and design field


From 1976

we have dealt with textile design and creative consultancy


From 2001

We have also created unique tailored garments in our handmade tailoring


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We have designed and sewn exclusive and high quality fabrics by hand to create finished bespoke garments according to the clients’ needs

Textile design and creative consultancy

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Bespoke Handmade Tailoring

are you a professional? Do you want to complete a project you are working on with custom made textile?

are you a private customer? Do you want a fancy and unique garment exclusively handmade for you?

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Products collection

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In response to a greater grasp of consciousness for sustainable development, POEMO DESIGN aims at a smart management of its work in respect of human and natural resources.

– Emanuela Pozzoli

We preserve and enhance the several design skills and craftsmanship locally present in BRIANZA area.

– Alessandra comi


Each garment is sewn by hand at the time of ordering

From a great research on materials,

and due to the presence of creativity and

executive ability of old hands, new

sophisticated ideas for the interior design

and fashion accessories were born

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