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A wide selection of home furnishing textiles designed and made in Italy by POEMO DESIGN handmade tailoring with exclusive fabrics and superior quality in tailoring finishes.

BED textile,

LIVING textile,

TABLE textile,

BATH textile,





to dress interiors up

with elegance and style.


Satin, percale, linen, yarn-dyed cotton, silk, cashmere, fine wools, velvets, jacquard fabrics for a selection of textile accessories that personalize the interior and make it exclusive.

– Alessandra comi

Products and fabrics designed by us with high-performance fine fibers in order to create and tailoring any furnishing project and satisfy any textile need

– Emanuela Pozzoli


Our tailoring products


Naturals materials hand-woven with streight-line hand cuts, fabrics with noble and natural fibers, using the utmost care in the choice of raw materials, looking for a high-quality in each step of the vproduction chain.


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