POEMO DESIGN creative studio consists in a team of experts in textile design.

We analyse the different needs of the customer, developing targeted textile collections.

We create custom-made Mood boards that show suggestions about new colours to our customers, new trends themes and unique sketches and textures to realise new products.

We collaborate with custom manufacturers and textile editors, too. Starting from the study of wefts, chains and yarns, we optimize the processes from design to production in order to create collections of fabrics in synergy with the company realities we are in close contact with and work on.

We develop unique designs for printing and we follow the whole production process until the fabric creation and realization.

We give a creative and concrete support for the production of colours coordinations.

The first aim is always to optimise time and production costs continually in favour of a sustainable development in manufacturing, without wastage and with the least environmental impact possible.

We also collaborate with the furniture companies in fabrics selection in order to cover their products and coordinate colours, style and trends.

We collaborate with the interior designers, supporting them in everything that concerns the textile. For this purpose, we follow and dress up their projects.

We suggest the best fabrics to meet and satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated customers.

We design and produce finished tailor-made items thanks to our interior tailors, using our exclusive fabrics.