The production unit is at the customer disposal to develop an exclusive concept of contemporary elegance 100% made in Italy.

The ability to produce pieces that, more than objects, are true expressions of lifestyle, unique timeless items, makes POEMO DESIGN collection stand out.

Home textile accessories distinguish themselves thanks to a specific attention to details, finishing touches and natural materials.

Precious fibres such as linen, hemp, yarn-dyed cotton, satin, cashmere, wool and silk become, in this way, unique items to decorate with a refined taste through design culture.

Each piece is tailor-made, presented to meticulous and rigorous quality controls, with the awareness of importance and attention to the details that make the difference.

POEMO DESIGN offers a wide experience in design and creation textile to the interior designers with the purpose of succeed in home textile furnishings production that will fit, nearly achieving perfection, the design setting.

The primary objective is always the streamlining of time and realization costs, continuously in favour of a sustainable development in productions, without wastage and with the least environmental impact possible.

Working in complete synergy with the interior designers, we propose the ideal finishing touches and we suggest the best-suited materials to any type of furnishing.

We supply textile and finished products with the accurate intent to satisfy the demanding and sophisticated customer needs.

In addition to be a textile design studio, POEMO DESIGN is also an haute-couture that deals with home fashion.

Working in complete harmony with your projects, we will realise a huge variety of products in home design field: from window coverings to quilts, from carpets to lampshades, from tablecloths to bath towels. We will be up to manufacture accessories for bedroom and living space, too.