POEMO DESIGN is a part of the project BRIANZA DESIGN DISTRICT (www.brianzadesigndistrict.it).


Brianza Design District is the first project carried out by the Brianza Experience network and it has, as objective, the promotion of culture production and manufacturing in the industrial and interior design field by rationalizing the elements of greater interest on business and culture plan.

The idea was to give a value to the cultural and environmental heritage, showing it and making it available to the reference markets on Expo 2015 and beyond.

The local authorities involvement in the research groups run by POLI.Design and by ALTIS’s City Innovation Lab at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan and by POLI.Design, a consortium set up by Polytechnic of Milan. It has launched the first regional project of Brianza Experience: Brianza Design District.

Brianza is an area with a strong bent for production. World-renowned designers and manufacturers, who have had the possibility to work with the district, say that the region entrepreneurs are ‘problem-solvers’, with ‘the right capacities at the right moment’ but with a ‘unique sophistication’.

The story

The Comi/Pozzoli family passion and interest in decorative fabrics was born in the seventies.

After some work experiences as an illustrator, graphic designer, textile designer and stylist, Alessandra Comi began her freelance job in 1976, founding her design and creative consultancy studio.

This polyhedral structure, that grows more and more over the years, is able to develop the creative needs of the most sophisticated customers about fashion and design world, always with a particular attention to textile research: a sector in which she has acquired, in the course of time, a specific knowledge.

Design passion is intensified also thanks to Enzo Pozzoli: architect and designer founder of Studio Udacanturio in 1972.

Enzo became a member of ADI (Association for the Industrial Design). He took part in national and international design competitions and exhibitions, too.

His projects were selected for important competitions such as the "Compasso d'oro".

He designed and collaborated with the best companies in the furniture and architecture field. He also developed skills in staging design, scenographies and art direction, in Italy and abroad.


Alessandra and Enzo had a lasting friendship together with some leading figures in design and art contemporary world.

Their strong passions constantly inspire them in every choice and project.

In 2001, Enzo Pozzoli and Emanuela Pozzoli decided to found POEMO DESIGN: a prestigious company in the textile field.

POEMO DESIGN is premised on the preservation and esteem of several design and craftsmanship skills present locally.

From a great research on materials and due to the presence of creativity and executive ability of old hands, new sophisticated ideas for the interior design were born.


POEMO DESIGN takes the person well-being to heart, with a special attention to everything natural.

The structure

The company structure is located in the heart of BRIANZA, between Milan and Como. It consists of:

Design Studio

Production unit


Administrative Offices

Sustainability & The Code of Ethics


Many changes of the ecosystem due to man, including uncontrolled technological evolution, unbridled consumerism and irresponsible use of raw materials, lead to the depletion of natural resources and a dangerous increase of environmental pollution.

 Humanity is living in a non-sustainable way now, consuming limited natural resources of the earth more quickly than it is able to regenerate.


Consequently, a collective social effort to adapt the human consumption of these resources within a level of sustainable development is a matter of paramount concern for present and future generations of the humankind.

As a result of a greater awareness towards a sustainable development need,

POEMO DESIGN aspire to an intelligent management of its works and services in full compliance with human and natural resources.

It is possible to act in a sustainable way on the products life cycle. So, it includes:

1. A new product launch designed in a sustainable way, trying to prevent every kind of waste.

2. The retention in life of a product by focusing on a high-quality production.

3. Recycling by product.


For each phase, previously mentioned, the amount of scrap generated during every step represents a fundamental index to minimize in order to obtain a sustainable process.

The closer the gap is to zero, the more sustainable the process is, from which it is generated.


As a general rule, the procedures, that can be used to increase the process sustainability, include:


• The quality improvement with the minimum consumption of raw materials;

• The use of natural raw materials with a minimal energy investment in order to get a product from farm to retail (closer to zero kilometre).

• During the product conception phase, foresee the possibility to recycle it.


The resources must be exploited in such a way as to support their regeneration in order to prevent their depletion, through transformation methods with immediate impact, close to zero and to environmental protection.

The Code of Ethics

POEMO DESIGN S.r.l. grounds its ethical principles on the continuous improvement of health and safety conditions in the workplace. The aim is to reduce the effect of unwanted events such as accidents and injuries to gain a better working efficiency and profit.

We operate in total respect of people who work in our structure because in POEMO DESIGN s.r.l. collaborators can work in a healthier environment with the highest quality.

To continue to be the industry leader and to successfully address global market challenges that will get harder and harder in the coming years, POEMO DESIGN s.r.l. needs to continue to pursue the objective of excellence.

The satisfaction of the employees and customers in respect of the environment makes POEMO DESIGN an excellent company.

The objective is to be competitive on the global market by offering high-quality products and working with economic awareness in full compliance with legality, environment, occupational safety and well-being.